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His Spirit Bible Study
About His Spirit


God, the Creator of the Universe and all that is within it, has provided us with His Book, written personally by Him through His Holy Spirit, to read and take into our hearts and spirits. I hope to encourage you to grow in your love of reading and studying God's Word and to be open to allowing God to lead you on a journey in which you will touch this world for Jesus. We should commit to getting to know God more fully now. By "digging deeper" into the Word of God, we can continue to grow in our knowledge, understanding, and personal relationship with the Lord. 

About Pastor Rob

I am one person, one disciple of Jesus, compelled by the Spirit of God, doing what I do each day as I continue to study and teach the Book of God "to faithful men who will be able to teach others also" (2 Timothy 2:2). I hope that you will join me in this. 


I pray that you will be encouraged to commit to reading and studying God's Word, "digging deeper," and growing in your knowledge, understanding, and personal relationship with God. May this be just the beginning. May God, by His Holy Spirit, lead you in your studies, and may He continue to guide you along life's journey as you live to serve Him! 

His Spirit Bible Study
His Spirit Bible Study

Bible Study

Join on this journey of studying God's Word. 

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